Conestoga Trailers


Aero Industries’ Conestoga Trailers are one of the most specialized trailers to be used on the roads. It is extremely versatile, enabling truck drivers to load and unload cargo with ease. This trailer features an innovative sliding tarp design system that covers and secures the contents of your truck bed.

The Conestoga Trailer gives you the benefits of a flat-bed truck with the added protection and convenience of a tarping system to cover your cargo. Now you can travel across different terrain and through different weather conditions without worrying about your cargo being damaged.

The tarp is able to be moved backward so that the cargo can be accessed by all three sides of the trailer. The Conestoga trailers are able to transport specific and oversized loads while keeping them safe from the elements without damaging the cargo. This saves you time and money.

It features smooth and durable steel wheels on a stainless-steel track system. It enables you to simultaneously have the versatility of a flatbed and the security of a van trailer. The front of the truck unlocks while the tarp is locked in the back.

  • Roll Curtain Rear Ends
  • Pull Curtain Rear Ends
  • Swing Rear Doors
  • Uplift Bows – maximizes inside clearance
  • Locking Mechanism that lets you operate from the ground