Crank N’ Go Tarps

Say Goodbye to Climbing

Safety, Security, Dependability, and Productivity; Just Crank-N-Go! Now tarping a dump is no trouble at all! With the Crank-N-Go tarp system from Aero Industries, you’re covered in seconds — with no climbing, no rope to tie down, no hassles.

Crank-N-Go has a durable tarp attached to strong bows that slide along cables mounted on each side of your dump body or trailer. For extra safety, Crank-N-Go is operated from the ground or the cab. Just turn the crank on, flip the switch, and the tarp and bows slide forward or backward over your load. It’s that simple!

Crank-N-Go Features and Benefits

Easy to install, maintain, and operate

Cab Operation for Electric Models; Ground Operation for Manual Models

Better 'Tarp Coverage' Than Arm-type Systems

Aluminum Construction Saves Valuable Weight Without Jeopardizing Strength or Durability

Rotating Rear Idler Sheaves Allow System Operation Regardless of Improper Alignment of Drive Cables

'100% Bolt-On' Design with No Welding Required - Motor Assembly Bolts to Front Assembly

Self-connecting cable adjustment

No Arms or Springs to Install or Damage

Spring-loaded Rear Idler Design Automatically Tensions Cables Properly - Minimizes Maintenance Costs, Downtime, and Insures Maximum System Efficiency

Crank-N-Go Tarp Open

Bow Design Prevents Direct Contact Between Tarp and Payload

The D-shaped Front Assembly Offers a Sleek, Aerodynamic Appearance

Shaft and Bearing Are Hidden Inside the D-shaped Extrusion to Protect from the Elements

All Aluminum Front Assembly Components Can Be Polished to Provide the Look Many Truckers Desire

Covered Parallel Shaft Motor with Electric Brake Protects Weather, Dirt, Dust and Debris

Low-profile Appearance with Sleek, Rear Idlers

Bows 'Automatically' Slide Away Requiring No Manual Removal

Front Assembly Dual-idler Design Provides Maximum Cable Grip Preventing Drive Cable Slippage — Ideal for Longer Systems

All Steel Components Are Zinc-plated Providing a More Durable Finish than Paint and Blends the Aluminum Components

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