Easy Cover Tarps

Aero’s Easy Cover® is the best-selling, most versatile front-to-back dump truck tarp system. It features the strongest springs & arms in the industry for consistent quality performance & unsurpassed durability. Engineered & manufactured to Aero’s industry-leading standards, Easy Cover tarps are available in a variety of electric or manual models. The tarps are designed to be light weight, protect your dump truck’s contents, and at the same time be sturdy enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Each Easy Cover arm tarp kit comes complete with a 12-volt motor, arm springs, tarp arms, wind deflector and 85″ mesh tarp. The pre-assembled components reduce installation time by hours. Our detailed schematics, with each part clearly numbered, eliminates guesswork during installation and ordering parts. Aero Easy Cover Electric Arm Tarp Kits require no welding. Aero’s Easy Cover® dump truck tarp systems are easy to apply and they protect yourself as well as other drivers on the road.