End Dump Liners

Dyna-Flo End Dump Liners for dump trucks and trailers are increasingly popular with both drivers and owners.  Our end dump liners have a proven record of improved material release. This improved release means less shoveling and reduced unloading time.  Add in the benefits of extended floor life, and reduced risk of a rollover, our Dyna-Flo end dump liners make a lot of sense. Here at Mentor Dynamics, we offer a full range of different liner types.  Our Dyna-Flo A-1 asphalt grade liners and our BlackJack aggregate liners are based on UHMW.  These end dump liners provide the quality, pricing, and long term value you need in today’s work environment.

Our goal is to help you find the right liner for your situation and needs.  UHMW  liners usually offer the best value, but are higher in price than less wear resistant liners. If you don’t need a wear resistant liner or are just trying to get another year or so out of an old bed, one of our FloPro HMW liners might be the right choice.

FloPro End Dump Liners

Our FloPro HMW Dump Truck liners provide improved material release, and a sacrificial wear surface for the floor of your dump bed or trailer.  FloPro HMW End Dump Liners have a low coefficient of friction, and will reduce sticking in aluminum and steel dump bodies and trailers.  FloPro HMW liners are a good choice for agricultural products, animal feed stocks and other non-abrasive products. In addition, our FloPro HMW End Dump Liners are available in two colors, black and white. White absorbs less radiant energy, and therefore may offer some additional benefits for hauling heat sensitive food or grain products.